If you need a specific dye lot to match previously purchased yarn, please let us know in your order notes and we will do our best to honor your request. The best advice is to purchase the entire amount of each color you will need all at one time, making sure the dyelots all are the same. If you need a little more yarn to finish a project, we should be able to match the yarn you purchased originally, though dye lots vary somewhat. And even finding a dye lot with similar numbers or codes does not guarantee it will match. When you buy yarn for a specific project, buy all the yarn you’ll need for it at the same time with the same dye lot numbers. Once you have purchased your yarn, it can be very difficult for the store to go back and match dye lots for you. The “yarn weight classification” does not refer to … She also edits the special newsstand issues of Crochet World and Crochet! If you can’t find another skein with the same dye lot number, or if the yarn has No Dye Lot on the label, I recommend trying to go online to find the yarn. Crochet on! Your email address will not be published. The amount of water, temperature, dye content, and amount of time the fiber is in the dye bath all contribute to the slight variations between dye lots. A dye lot is the batch the yarn was dyed in. ), color name and number, dye lot number or statement that the yarn is “no dye lot”, plies (number of strands), yarn weight If you are knitting or crocheting a project that requires more than one ball or skein of yarn, it is important to make sure all of the yarn comes from the same dye lot. A dye lot is a record taken during the dyeing of yarn to identify yarn that received its coloration in the same vat at the same time. Some brands will sell yarn that has “No Dye Lot” on the label. When buying yarn online, is there any vendors or sites that list a dye lot to match? This is a premium yarn that delivers on the details: no-dye-lot solids and ombres plus easy care for your projects! When a yarn is dyed, it’s impossible for every single skein to achieve the exact same color, especially if they’re dyed in smaller batches. unique identifying code which is printed on the label of a skein of yarn so that consumers can purchase skeins from the same lot If you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of running out of yarn, here are a few tricks to help you finish the project with the least amount of unsightly evidence! Think of your white, and black yarn. My comments to Erin about this problem may help you. Super Saver does not have any dye lots in solid colors, but yarns that do have dye lots have the dye lot information also printed on the skein band. Do you have any tips and tricks about yarn dye lots? Before you go, grab that label and take it with you, you’ll need it to match the dye lot. A dye lot is a number that identifies skeins of yarn dyed in the same vat. I’m going to teach you about that today. When the next batch is dyed, a new dye lot number is assigned. No dye lot yarn should therefore be the same color from skein to skein. Erin, when you run out of yarn for a project, it is often difficult to find more yarn of the same dye lot. Usually it is listed as ‘dye lot’ or ‘lot’ followed by a number that indicates the batch number. In the case of different dye lots, alternating rounds or pairs of rows from two different dye … You’re crocheting along on a project and then….you run out of yarn! Copyright 2020 Crochet Nerd, All Rights Reserved. When a batch is dyed, the dye lot number is assigned; you’ll find this number on the label. Many times they are not, so I use my discretion, and my information from the seller, to determine how much I’ll need. number assigned to each skein of yarn produced from a single dying session I ran out of yarn for a project that I’m almost finished (so frustrating!) So, how do you avoid it? And when you are working on a large project, even the slightest variation in color could completely change the look of your design. The Ultimate Yarn Dye Lot Resource for Crochet - Crochet Nerd Then when you begin adding the new yarn with the new dye lot, leave enough yarn of old dye lot to do at least 3-4 rows or rounds. What do I do? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you accept the terms of our privacy policy. Yarn is dyed in big quantities even though the same formula is used each time the dye lots can be different. Even though the same formula is used each time, (You may have to rip back a few rows so you have some yarn to work with) Staring with the new yarn (and new dye lot) Crochet 1-2 rows or rounds, then crochet 1-2 rows with the old yarn. and the store no longer carries the yarn (even more frustrating!). Tips for Making Safer, Longer-Lasting Crochet Toys. Repeat this for a few times and then go on using just the new yarn. My best advice is to take your project to the store and try to match up a dye lot as close to your original dye lot as possible. Jackie Daugherty is the editor of Crochet World magazine. What is a dye lot number? So it’s down to the store, hoping they still have the color you need. These include how to dye variegated yarn, multicolor yarn and raw wool dye techniques. At the top of the label there is the colour and dye lot number, this information is the colour of your yarn and it’s dye lot number. When we dye our yarns, the same formula is used each time but every batch of yarn is assigned a different dye lot number. If you are purchasing yarn that someone has hand-dyed, and you plan to use more than one skein of it, I always email the seller and ask if they were dyed in the same batch or not. The differences from one dye lot to another can be very subtle and hardly visible, or extremely noticeable. If you are shopping for yarn online, many websites will put the dye lot number in the product description. This is for colors that are typically the same color for each batch without much variation. Even though the same formula is used each time, every batch of yarn is assigned a different dye lot number. Even though the same dyes are used, there may be noticeable color variations. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of many of our yarns, dye lots frequently sell out quickly and we might not have the requested lot number in stock. Yarn manufacturers assign each lot a unique identification number and stamp it on the label before shipping. I’m Amanda, Chief Nerd and Crochet Entrepreneur, Crochet is my passion. Yarn or unspun fiber is dyed in big vats according to very specific color formulations. They are usually found on the label of the yarn bought under dye lot followed by a five to six-digit number. While manufacturers try to keep consistency amongst the dye lots, you see where errors could occur. The information on the yarn label is helpful in selecting the type of yarn and number of skeins needed for a project.
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