This giveaway includes one digital Aster pattern and your very own cut-and-sew Aster in any Spoonflower design you’d like! In general, quilting cotton looks best made into casual garments, with ample ease. As a quilter I have some fabric ready to go, thanks for the inspiration. I have such a laborious process of tracing my pattern of the factory sheet, then outlining on fabric, THEN cutting. 99 I wash my fabric before cutting, also, and have been using a vinegar rinse for quite some time. Spoonflower seems like a perfect new moms sewing reset button. But, it’s only an approximation and does not reflect the exact print placement. I also remember you making a dress out of a black and white C&S print that I think I had the blue version of (that I used for the Beignet I think?). The main thing to remember is that quilting cotton tends to be crisper than apparel cotton. Hey Maryanne! Below you can find our quilting fabric collections. Cotton Craft Quilting Fabric, Dark Blue Gray White Vintage Floral Fabric Fat Quarter Bundles for Sewing Crafting,46cm x 56cm (Approx 18" x 22") 4.5 out of 5 stars 68 CDN$26.99 This is a great idea for a series, I struggle to work out what fabric is best for a project. With just two pieces to cut out and stitch together, garment construction doesn’t get any simpler than this kimono top from Simply Sewing issue 3. A 1″-2″ double turned hem is great for a garment made in quilting cotton. The Ultimate Pyjamas and Lulu dress specifically mention that quilting cotton is a great option. Thanks Colette! One of my first ever garments was the Beatrix top though and it came out great. L to R: Mirambell skirt, Faura shirt, Rosari skirt. When I searched online to find some women’s patterns I could try with some of my cotton, I couldn’t find any specific list. I’ve been wanting to sew up some of the newest patterns i’ve bought recently (including the Aster) and have mainly quilting cotton in my stash because of the awesome designs. Polyester thread is stronger than cotton and tends to come in more colors. per square yard 100% Kona cotton broadcloth is perfect for quilting, apparel and more! Thanks so much for your list! Maddy at Miss Maddy Sews has made multiple circle skirts in quilting cotton and I think they turned out great! Hey Carlee! I have always felt a little guilty using quilting cotton for clothes, but after this article I will let that go. Now it is all explained. You should definitely go for it! You make so many lovely things, it’s hard to remember! Here’s a good series of posts I found on making it, Day 1 Who knew such a simple fabric would become a sewing controversy? Julie has also kindly linked to some tutorials in the comments if this one strikes your fancy. Thanks! This was an interesting read, and I’m glad other you will do a series on fabrics. That’s really interesting–I hadn’t heard of Sprout but would love to give them a try. I love the aster blouse! I vote you cover crepe next as I have a huge amount given to me by someone in my stash! As for alterations, Sprout tries to choose patterns that do not require many alterations for most body shapes, but if you do need an alteration, try sizing up so you have more fabric to work with. Sprout does have a 3D preview that allows you to change the placement of the design. I own the Aster, but haven’t seen it up yet. Great article! I love your Aster! It makes it really hard to buy online too, which is why I mostly tend to buy cotton from the same brands (Cotton + Steel, Art Gallery Fabrics, etc.) My Demi Pant (sorry UK, that’s what they’re called!) Kona Cotton White K001-1387 - Fat Quarter by Robert Kaufman $1.99 $1.72 Just so you know, Sprout offers free international shipping on all orders over $100 :). Thanks for the coupon! Dry on cotton or “permanent press” setting. Oh yes I’ve seen those patterns in one of my local fabric shops! Shop online or visit us in Tuam, Co. Galway. Spoonflower has worked really hard to address their printing troubles over the years; the fading isn’t as bad, the Ultra prints dark colors better, the crocking is minimal and the range of fabrics is impressive. I’m not sure if you mean shirts or shorts in the last paragraph, or the latest hybrid garment about to hit IG feeds this spring – a tailored shirt version of a playsuit – but my imagination is agog. What this means is that once you wash the fabric, it will be the correct size for you to cut, sew, and wear! I replied to your comment so long ago, but it seems to have disappeared, so I’ll reply again! It is more difficult to find a variety of apparel cottons. Think how many fun novelty prints you could use on the pyjamas? – and circle skirts are just perfect for the stiffness that quilting cotton affords. It’s given me a couple of ideas of how to use my quilting cotton when I was about to just write the fabric off. This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more. This has changed my mind! – a Named Clothing Helmi dress I have yet to blog about in a Cotton and Steel print (I posted one photo on IG and need to write up a proper blog post about it) Here are two more patterns, this time from Fancy Tiger Crafts, that I’ve made myself from quilting cotton, and the results were A-OK. Carolyn Pyjamas: These have quilting cotton listed and what a great way to use up some of your crazier prints! everything is evolving in the world of sewing. I’d love to win this kit! This looks fascinating, but with the pattern printed onto the fabric, how do you make adjustments for better fit? Finally, I haven’t made many of these, so I can’t guarantee they will look… cool. For the best results, serge or use pinking shears to finish raw edges. I’ve picked up a few pieces on recent holidays, but the majority of my travels were pre-sewing. It’ll be a little more boxy, but if that’s your thing, what’s to stop you? I do a lot of sewing with Spoonflower fabrics, and the cotton printing quality has much improved with the Ultra process. According to many professionals, the most difficult part of quilting is sewing from the center outwards, because the thick fabric bulks up under the throat. See more ideas about Sewing patterns, Sewing, Sewing projects. Great print and pattern combination. Ahhhh, this is so useful, thank you. In addition to the Deer and Doe patterns (Chardon, Belladonne, Datura) that I listed in response to a previous comment, I have also had success with Megan Nielsen’s Eucalypt and have bought the Brumby pattern to try. It is not possible to match the pattern along the seams, or button placket in my case, as you can’t change the print placement for individual pattern pieces. in front of me. Perhaps this lends itself to the structural qualities of quilting cotton as most of their patterns are suitable for the fabric. I’m still learning! Not entirely convinced about the last one (pyjamas I’m thinking), but I’m keeping an open mind! Great idea to have the pattern printed on the fabric. Brigitte was kind enough to comment below that she’s made a fab pair of Demi pants with quilting cotton, so I checked Tessuti out and there are TONS of suitable patterns – I had no idea. Which is why it’s so popular with quilters and sewers alike. Think about the garment you’re making and which end of the spectrum is going to work best. Some serge the pieces as a way to cut out the pattern pieces, some use the serger to stitch two pieces of fabric together, while others serge after everything is sewn up. Quilting cotton is quite sturdy. Thanks for the tips! You can see some of them here. Use a gentle detergent that has no dyes or perfumes. Thanks for the opportunity! We suggest pre-washing your fabric before cutting to ensure that all shrinkage is done before you start sewing your garment up. In this collection of patterns, there are accessories, home dec, kid's clothing, pajamas, robes, a few women's dresses and shirts. Anna Maria Horner’s “Painted Portrait” dress is perfect for quilting cotton. A perfect 4 season fabric, easily layered in winter for extra warth outside, cool inside. The  Tulip skirt has medium-weight cotton listed as a fabric, so quilting cotton should probably be fine, and any circle skirt should also be suitable, so I’ve listed the Full Circle Skirt. The new partnership with Sprout is incredible and I can’t wait to get my hands on something totally unique! It can be made in a variety of fabrics – make yours in a cotton print as we have for a crisp, structured feel, or … It’s more up to date than books can be. Use the 115cm fabric rating on your dress pattern. Beautiful cotton fabric. Among others they suggest the Zinnia and Ginger skirts, the Aster top and even the Moji trousers for some casual loungewear pants. But are quilting cottondswide enough for a circle skirt? If the answer is no, I keep looking. What a treasure trove! Cotton irons well and continues to look great. As the name suggests this is a multi-purpose needle that is good for a variety of … Thanks for reading the Colette blog! All quilting cottons are not equal. I like to wash quilting cottons at least two or three times before cutting and sewing, they can shrink quite a bit, and it can be helpful to relax all the fibers a bit before sewing curved areas. Question: Finishing the edges–In what order do most people do this? That said, the Basic Cotton ultra has a much nicer hand for blouses than the Ultra Kona, which is still aping a homespun feel (and doesn’t soften up as much in the wash). I love this fabric series. Our friends over at Sprout Patterns offer cut-and-sew patterns that print the pattern and fabric design directly onto quilting cotton. I have a personal rule for any fabric/pattern choice: would I ever, ever see this on a professionally made garment in a store? Ha – well, you were smarter than me if you went right into the poplins and rayons. Oops. Wow – I didn’t realise how many Liesl + Co. patterns give quilting cotton specifically as a bona fide recommended fabric. I love making gathered skirts in fun quilting cottons. Yes, please!! FaveQuilts is a website that offers hundreds of modern and traditional free quilt patterns, tutorials, and tips for quilting techniques. It turns out that you should have a bit of a plan instead of just grabbing the things that catch your eye…so that a few years later you aren’t wondering what on earth you were thinking. Depending on the quality of your quilting cotton, it may shrink a considerable amount. Quilting cotton tends to have a good amount of body and doesn’t have a light drape like other lightweight cottons. Thanks so much for letting me know – I’ll have a look this evening! Grainline does not list midweight cotton as a fabric for either the Archer shirt or the straight version of the Alder shirtdress, but I feel like you could use it for them. (Chambray was my favorite fabric for that particular pattern so far.) thread is heavier because it takes only 40 kilometers of thread to weigh one kilogram. I began using vinegar in my laundry upon multiple washing and I notice the quilt has noticeably felt softer and less stiff. If you want to practice sewing with quilting cotton before trying clothing you can trying one of these fun quilting cotton sewing projects. I love sewing bags with quilting fabric - I get to use prints from all of my favorite designers. Oh, I’d love to win this! , The Paloma Blouse is designed for quilting cottons. Jul 11, 2020 - Ideas for projects to sew, sell & gift. Had to say thank you so much, this is a great detailed list, I have so much quilting cotton I want to use for ME and my daughter, this blog post is a god send. I just bought it at the local fabric shop! I have also had good luck with the Datura blouse and the Belladonne dress. Universal Needle - . HELP!!!! The instructions for both the Washi dress and the Cleo skirt specifically mention quilting cotton as a viable fabric and it looks like the samples below are utilizing them to cheery effect. Whether you sew for a hobby or sew as a business, you'll find the perfect fabric at the right price. Staystitch right after cutting to avoid stretched out necklines! Thanks! I like a serged edge, and have seen the finishing done at all sorts of different times throughout the construction process. But I did wonder about their use for clothing. I’ve actually never made the Washi dress, but I do like the look of it, so I’m glad you’re a fan. so at least there’s some consistency. . Their style is quite simple, sometimes boxy and voluminous, which matches the substrate rather well. If you tried them before and found them lacking, you might consider them again. I have been using quilting cottons for garments for years, but learned early on that prewashing is key. It’s easy to cut, doesn’t slip and slide, and irons nicely. Both Margot and best detective left comments to recommend the Chardon skirt, the Datura blouse and the Belladone dress. lawn,,, Can I Use Quilting Cotton to Make Clothing? I think it’s fine to use this type of fabrics for tops, pajamas and kids clothing. They look so amazing but are a bit of a splurge so i’ve yet to take the plunge! Each 50-piece pack includes an array of random patterns that won't fade. Thanks for the article on fabrics! I used some for the contrast parts and it was good. There may even be more, but these ones specifically mention medium-weight cotton as a recommended fabric. They definitely have a simplistic, almost naïve, design aesthetic, but that, in … The combination of the two are a perfect pair for any beginner sewers that are dipping their feet into garment sewing. L to R: Tamiko Pant, Jane Dress, Bella Dress, Demi Pant. Hey Nicole! Good quality (and there’s a lot of poor quality out there) stands up to many washes and is easy to work with. Quilting cotton is a fabric made specifically for, you guessed it, quilting. I was totally fascinated with the substrate series Colette did with Cotton + Steel. Great post – and thanks for introducing me to Sprout! You are very welcome! Even higher now that I’m breastfeeding and it’s got great access. I’ve been eyeing the Astor pattern for a while now so I would love to win a copy! Ooh interesting, I’m curious about the Sprout pre-printed system. In my book, quilting cotton is the very first indication that a garment is self made., Day 3 Thanks for this post, super helpful! From Robert Kaufman Fabrics, this 4.3 oz. Quilting cotton is a fabric made specifically for, you guessed it, quilting. This French indie is very popular with sewists worldwide and with good reason. . You can always take things in and can do minor adjustments. It looks like it in the sample. Add a lining in a lawn or voile to help your garment drape a bit better and be more comfortable on the skin. Keep this in mind when pattern matching and cutting. COLETTELOVE on the Sprout site! I like the extra stiffness in the fabric; I once made a circle skirt that was so great because it had enough “substance” to hold its fullness through the entire day without wilting. Try the Dahlia or Seamwork Mojave for for two totally different takes on the quilting cotton dress. I’ve never made a blouse, and I think a Sprout pattern might be the way to start! I find that, in most cases, the better quality quilting cottons have a beautiful drape, are much easier to sew and don’t lose their brightness though multiple washings. Love! This would be an absolutely wonderful challenge should I win. She's all about encouraging sewers to try new techniques and create a personalized wardrobe that makes them feel great! But each to their own I say. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Like another commenter, sometimes I just can’t resist a beautiful fabric! I make most of my scrub shirts for work out of quilting cotton, and the hem is one of the annoying issues. Thanks again!! are definitely wash and wear easy, and the drape is just right. I can recommend this one for sure. I love Collette patterns and have a subscription to Seamwork. Kira let me know that she had success with the not one, but three Cambie dresses – particularly since they’re fully lined. I often use quilting cottons for skirts and tops. However I’d still be thrilled to win the contest! One of Ireland's best loved and biggest fabric and yarn shops, stocking a beautiful selection of quilting and dressmaking fabrics, tools and patterns alongside gorgeous yarns for all of your knitting and crochet projects. I’ve had my eye on Aster for a while now. Then using another Art Gallery cotton I made a McCalls boxy top with short cut-on sleeves. Thinsulate may work well as an underlining, but I’m in love with lambswool!!!! Try draping the fabric on your body and swish about to see if you like how it hangs. Thanks for all you info. I had been thinking about making a button up shirt with quilting cotton, but I was afraid it would be too stiff. I recently finished my first Aster… and then immediately made two more, because I loved the pattern so much. I think you have covered all the bases here…quilting cotton is easy to find, easy to sew and can be used for so many different garments. It’s one of the patterns that I kept checking back for almost every other day to see if it had been added yet! Hi Mac! Quilting cotton is a great fabric for hot climates because it breathes, but it wouldn’t work well for dressier clothing since it’s a casual looking fabric. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Upon immediate contact/touch-test I can gauge the feel and drape to my body. I did not see in the post if this fabric has been washed/shrunk, please clarify. Yay! Huge range of quality dressmaking fabrics. I always learn something new. One more from Colette, as swarmofchickadees dropped by to let us know she had good success with the Colette Rooibos pattern! I haven’t used sprout patterns yet but am getting ready to sew some spoonfllower fabric ! I can only imagine how hard a mitered corner would be with blue jean fabric. Takes care of a lot of the work. There is a limited amount of adjustments you can make due to the current technology. For me at least, the multitude of fun prints on quilting cotton motivated me to start sewing in the first place. Additionally, how are alterations done. I love quilting cotton fabric. • Heather Handmade,,,,, Some great tips here that I hadn’t specifically thought about, but when I read the, I thought “of course, that is right/makes sense”!! The majority of mine are Cotton and Steel or similar quality, so while undeniably still mid-weight cottons, they are very soft and nothing like those cheap scratchy calico/muslin types in the bargain bin at the big box stores. I just made a circle skirt using Cotton+Steel quilting cotton and it worked well – easy to sew with and it looks very good! You’re very welcome – I’m glad it’s useful for you! It’s great that people are able to tell me they’ve had personal experience with certain patterns as it’s hard to tell sometimes from pics/descriptions and I don’t want anyone to waste precious fabric! Lavitt's Quay Opening Times Monday to Saturday: 11am - 5.30pm 21 Lavitt's Quay, Cork, Ireland +353 21 4279535 × Thanks Brigitte! I’ll bite the bullet and find out! The other issue I have is the v neck band folding in the middle.. I’d love to try this! I like having the option to use them. That could be a great stash buster for those crazier patterns in your collection! I’ve never seen sewing patterns printed on fabric before, I guess the future is already there without me noticing! We’ll email you as well, just in case. In a loose-fitting garment, the fabric has room to move about rather than cling to the body. I have never heard of Sprout before today. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and can in fact be pretty cute, but if it’s not the look you’re going for, choose your pattern carefully. It was easy to work with and very comfortable for her to wear. this is such a great article. When 50 kilometers of that thread weighs 1 kilogram, it is a 50 weight thread. October 22, 2018. If you know or have personal experience of using quilting cotton successfully with a project that’s not listed, let me know and I’ll happily add it to the list! Discover beautiful prints at fantastic prices with these designs from The Craft Cotton Co - all in good quality, 100% cotton. Who knew such a simple fabric would become a sewing controversy? Would love to have my name entered to win! Sometimes I buy it just because it speaks to me. In fact, the version Jenny is wearing below even looks a bit like quilting cotton to me? Today, I’ll discuss the nuances of sewing garments with quilting cottons. forums and message boards let sewers share and discuss sewing experiences. Sewing garments with quilting cotton is a hot topic with many opposing views. Thanks! I used cotton quilting fabric and it worked out well. Press with the printed side down, when possible, for better results. I’ve been wanting to try both Aster and sprout patterns! The Sprout pattern options sound really interesting! No lining required either! Plus the colors and patterns…. I’ll definitely add your recommendation to the list – love your Cambie dresses! That Belladone on your feed is also pretty spectacular! Colette was the first place I went to for patterns. All three of which I would recommend for this type of fabric, especially the Belladonne! Love sewing with quilting cottons. I couldn’t resist the bright and bold cottons before I knew what I was doing. The Kalle top/tunic/shirtdress also looks like a contender to me, with its fairly sturdy hemline. I love making quilts and dressmaking so I have a quilting fabric stash ready to hand at all times – though often in quantities too small for garments. I have made Tessuti’s Demi Pant using Art Gallery cotton from, and they sewed up just as I expected. I finally have a little time to do an update, so have added your recommendation in. Now I know I can use all the fun colors and patterns! In other words, if you’re already a sewist who is a bit sniffy about quilting cotton, this list is unlikely to change your mind. Their drafting is great and their styles have that je ne sais quoi many of us look for in a pattern. Second is the width of the binding. Quilting cotton is by far the most common and easily assessable fabric out there. I am always in a complete muddle when it comes to choosing fabric and matching it to a pattern! I haven’t used sprout patterns yet but am getting ready to sew spoonflower fabric. ( Log Out /  I did save some of the larger cuts, and all the solids, so this list will be quite helpful. Cotton and Steel, as well as Tula Pink, make some of the softest and best draping cottons ever. Thanks for compiling! I love the prints available on quilting cottons! Thanks for the tip about the 3 basting lines for the sleeve. Pajamas and sleepwear are perfect for a fun quilting cotton print. Sprout offers the Negroni as well, check out the photos they’ve got on their site. Yes! If your washer has a second rinse cycle, take advantage of it to rinse out any extra dye or residue. I really like quilting cotton for loose fitting t-shirts and skirts. Thanks so much f or your generosity! Thanks for the tip about hems! Thoughts? I’ve never done a project like that before. Thanks for the article! Sewing Note: For thread weights, a smaller weight number indicates a heavier thread., Thanks so much Julie. Quilting cottons vary in weight and drape like paper to cardboard to plywood; they run a wide gamut. I have been eyeing up the Aster for quite some time. Hello! It’s a common problem for us newbies and I have an impressive array to get through. Three huzzahs to quilting cotton sewing! I love this article! Thank you, I love this series. This indie company has a distinctive ethos and style, which is that its designs are inspired by or based on various types of building/architecture. I’ve been wanting to try a sprout project for a while! Thanks for everything! I’ve seen great versions of the Classic shirt on Facebook and I really love the little pintucks on the newer Recital shirt, although they might be better for lighter weight cottons. I love sewing with quilting cottons, I find they loosen up a bit the more they are worn and washed. Thank you so much! Sort by Price, low to high Price, high to low Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Date, old to new Date, new to old Best Selling View Grid There are definitely purists who would never touch it for garments. I’m still on the fence about using quilting cottons for apparel sewing…but I’m willing to give it another shot :) Thanksnfor the giveaway! The material is upgraded for a finer texture and higher density. I’ve just started weeding my stash of quilting cottons – mostly the fat quarters and smaller cuts, bought the same way you did, as a new quilter though. Thank you for this post, it is just what I was looking for! Love the idea of printing the pattern on the quilting cotton, brilliant! I’d love to try sewing up something from Sprout patterns. More recently, we’ve seen the Natalie shirt, which has a simple boxy shape and the Adria crop top. I’m not a big fan of how structured it can be on adult clothing, but it is perfect for little dresses and blouses… and the prints are always so darling! Must try a Sprout pattern – the postage is a bummer for those far away though! How is it that I had yet to discover this …. To take part in the giveaway, just comment below. Just be aware it will have more body than, say, a rayon/viscose or lawn skirt. Making hot pads is an easy sewing project that will save you money and allow you to customize to your kitchen colors and style.. I’ve been wanting to try a shirt for myself and Aster would be fantastic. The Upton Dress has cotton listed as one of the recommended fabrics and I’ve seen a few versions on the web that look great. I hope this helps! I already have this last pattern, so I think that’s another addition to my list! My favourite thing about quilting cotton is the variety available, there’s something for everyone. Chris.W 35Pcs Quilting Fabric Squares Sheets, 10"x10" Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Patchwork Pre-Cut Quilt Squares for DIY Sewing Scrapbooking Quilting Dot Pattern(Dark Color Set) Foraineam 50 Pieces Assorted Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) Printed Patchwork Squares for DIY Sewing Quilting Scrapbooking The Kona® Cotton Ultra from Sprout Patterns should be machined washed warm or cool on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent and machine-dried using a low temperature or permanent press setting.
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